Learning Essentials  :

A free add-on for Office, that contains a set of tools to help teachers and students. Things like curriculum templates, and toolbars for Word, PowerPoint and Excel to help students and teachers get started on projects and stay organised during them. Students get tools, templates and tutorials to help them get past "Blank Page Syndrome", language tools and templates, and tips and tutorials for managing projects and producing high-quality work.




More free training resources and materials for teachers :

The Microsoft Partners in Learning initiative supports the dual commitment by Microsoft to advance the quality of education and provide alternative channels for economic progress. By building partnerships with governments and schools around the globe, Partners in Learning works to integrate technology into daily teaching, learning, and research.

To date, nearly 3.5 million educators in more than 100 countries have been trained through the Partners in Learning curriculum, and more than 80 million students have been reached worldwide.

Three key programs help educators employ technology throughout the learning process, and enable students to achieve their learning goals: Innovative Schools, Innovative Teachers and Innovative Students.




Microsoft education :






PhotoStory 3 :

Try PhotoStory 3, which is free and brilliant. It helps you to co-ordinate images and music, and turn it into an impressive slideshow, with special effects, narration, titles, captions, and then publish them for viewing on a computer or TV.





Silverlight :





Windows Movie Maker 2.6  for Vista/Windows 7:




Windows XP Winter Fun Pack for Windows Movie Maker 2 :




Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker SDK :




Sky Drive  :

Sky Drive is an online service that gives you 5GB of free storage on the Internet. The main thing I love about it is its simplicity - by simply dragging files onto SkyDrive, I can store them in my own personal folder, or share them with others (which is exactly what I do when I share presentations etc on this blog). No more memory sticks! It's much easier for staff and students to be able to transfer files between home and school, or between different computers on and off your school network.




Maths add in for Word  :

Free Maths add in for Word, which helps students to write complex equations and adds graphing tools to the Word 2007 ribbon.




Microsoft Robotics Studio  :

Get busy with robots in your D&T lessons, with the free Microsoft Robotics Studio. It's built by a team that are seeking new ways to engage students with the idea that programming is cool and valuable (and if current predictions come true, we're going to have a shortage of suitably skilled people in the workforce very soon!)



Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP  :




OpenOffice :




Visual Studio 2010 :




Malicious Software Removal Tool  :




Find free downloads for Windows XP  :